Friday, 2 December 2016

A Conversation With An Artist

I recently had the opportunity to put a few questions to the artist who designed the cover images for 'Called Out Of Darkness'. I haven't met Caio Lima for many months since he stayed in our home during his studies. Even though he's in another continent doing things I will never do, reading his answers to my questions brought him very close again and I feel glad that I got to know him.

John Peace: Please tell us where you live and what you’re doing these days.

Caio Lima: I live in a small town called Moreno close to a region capital, Recife. Since I've just finished my undergraduate program I'm doing freelance works, like 'Called out of Darkness' and some game art.

JP: Are you still volunteering in a small art school for local kids?

CL: Yes, I recently started a new study group, the kids now have grew up a little bit and some of then are also starting their own projects and works. We now are more focused on drawing fundamentals and improvement on our art. The project is an independent initiative of mine, a local school support us by offering a room and equipment.

JP: I remember you enjoyed drawing superhero-type figures and anime (I think it's called that). What other art have you done that was similar to your Called Out Of Darkness cover art?

CL: I started to make a 'medieval fantasy RPG' themed series of illustrations, based on the characters of my Dungeons and Dragons group, in a similar style, using digital painting. I've also worked on some  game projects which I had the freedom to apply this style as well. You can find them on my facebook page: and behance:

JP: Finally, let us into some of your secrets. How do you get your ideas for your art?

CL: That's a good question. The ideas usually come from short insights, brainstorming sketches, experiences, things that I read or watch. Since I've got an idea I like to refine it and experiment the possibilities of it. Working in a group the ideas also come from feedback and free talks, that's one of my favourite ways because we can achieve ideas and results you would hardly get only by yourself.

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