Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What's A Website To You?

Have you ever found a totally neat website? Some are full of jiggery, dancing graphics, or eye-pleasing images, smart features; some feature links to all sorts of interesting places, and some are so well written you can't click away until you've scrolled right to the bottom. Maybe you read that text and you come face-to-face with another human being and their thoughts so beautiful, or outlandish, or provoking. And a very few have all of the above.

I confess that this here page hasn't got there yet. Yours truly has been sucked away into a strange massively-offline-multi-player-game-universe called "Real Life" in which you have to get something called a "job" in order to earn a reward called "money". You can then swap this money for all sorts of power-ups and inventory items. I've recently slid back down a short greased ladder to the stage of again searching for one of these "jobs". Not complaining, just saying. So anyway, it takes up my time, this "Real Life". Maybe you're playing it too.

But what do you look for in a good Young Adult or Pre-Teen website devoted to a science fiction novel like The Calling? Have you gone for a ride in my 'Valin's Log' site and checked out the different pages? (See the sidebar to the left and click.) Do you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see there?

So far, I've aimed to make 'Valin's Log' an extension to the story itself, a filling-in of the background universe. 'Killian's Story' is a seedling of an idea to make a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure; if I notice a lot of traffic there I will invest time in expanding the story.

So log in and leave a comment. I haven't seen many comments here yet... but traffic on the site is slowly growing. Give me some feedback and I'll have a better idea where to go with 'Valin's Log'.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Tips for parents!

A big hello to all parents of The Calling's readers. This blog is really, honestly, about science fiction for kids, but, well, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. So this post's an exception.

Recently I received an email from a lady who writes helpful articles on the subject of how to find childcare when you want or need to go out. The following article is about encouraging your children to behave well in restaurants. The real-life bloopers and catastrophes that drive someone to write on this subject I will leave to your imaginations - or perhaps it's happened to you! Here's the link.