'The Calling' : The story in a nutshell

Is Valin Derojan just another young nomad? The man who saved his life has been kidnapped by callous raiders from space. To regain his lost honour, Valin must attempt a hopeless rescue.

Mertyl, his headstrong younger cousin, is seeking to avenge the murder of her father, and stows away. So he must protect her too! But wait a moment, now who's saving whom?  

In the process of the rescue, they are enlisted by an elusive band of freedom fighters and catapulted towards a galaxy-wide war. They are trained to use powerful rings controlled by their own minds. But that means Valin and Mertyl must get their raging thoughts and emotions under control. Are they up to the challenge?

The Calling is a classic science-fiction adventure for ages 8 and above. It's the first book in a series called Beyond The Elder Stars.

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