Thursday, 19 May 2016

Book Covers

While I love sketching and imagining what the scenes from the book would look like, I know I'm not much of an artist. So I have recruited my friend Caio Lima to work on the front cover picture for Called Out Of Darkness.

Meanwhile, i wanted to try my hand anyway and design a quick cover for a one-off copy I'm going to order so I can proof-read the book more easily. My son Daniel makes a special appearance as Valin.

It's not meant to represent any one scene from the story - just the idea of a wild, unexplored, ancient tangle of places linked with portals.

I'm hoping to see the first fruits of Caio's work very soon.

Caio, by the way, is from Brazil and stayed in our house for a while when he was studying graphic design at the local college. He won a Brazilian government scholarship to get that far. Now he's back home in Brazil.

I'll give a preview of his cover once I have something to show!