Thursday, 16 August 2012

Excerpt from 'The Calling'

"No excuses," said the warrior, baring his teeth, "it's you, alright. The call is for you. Your scan matches the profile we were given." While he was still speaking, a cluster of slim steel shapes like fish streaked out of the distance towards him. He merely held up his other hand, without looking over his shoulder. The air seemed to ripple like a silk flag, and the missiles were rudely scattered, some exploding on the ground, some tumbling away out of sight. "Stand up like a man!" he went on. "The honour of your people is at stake. Your honour!"
Valin just began to edge away from the glowing man, sliding along on his rear, along the base of the boulder, and shook his head frantically. Honour! What use was honour to a man who thought he saw silver angels? As much use as a jewelled crown to a child who sat in the mud, lecturing the birds.

The final edit of The Calling is being squeezed in between all sorts of other work! But it should be finished and released in the next few weeks. The cover art is ready... I'm pretty happy with it, after quite a few hours using an application called Paint.NET. The image reflects a scene or two from the story. Here's a preview: