Sunday, 1 December 2013

Brock Eastman - Writing along the same lines

So while I was ordering a book to give our boys at Christmas (namely the fifth in Sigmund Brouwer's excellent Robot Wars) I found this other writer penning science fiction novels for young adults.

Believe it or not, we're a rare breed.

Fantasy for kids, yeah, cyberspace is loaded with it. So are the bookshelves of most big bookshops. You can find it by the truck load wherever you look. Dragons, swords, enchanted forests. Vampires, zombies, silly green aliens, even the time-travelling antics of 21st century kids and their dogs (well... I made up the part about the dog, but I'm fairly certain you'd find such a story out there).

But stories involving technological futures, plausible science, and lotsa action that make you think about real life? Nine times out of ten, you come up with almost nothing.

So if you're interested in finding some good reading for young adults, children with reading ages about 10+, and you want a series of out-of-breath action stories packed with thought and depth, then go and look at Brock Eastman's novels.

That's all from me now. Late. Must sleep.