Saturday, 26 October 2013

Everybody's Exploring Space These Days!

It's a happening thing. So many companies and organisations are opening up, developing their own spaceflight programs, building the hardware out of sheet metal in their garage, or networking with people to spread their vision of colonising the Moon or Mars or even further afield. You can go online and help to discover planets orbiting other stars; you can chat with the volunteer colonists at Mars One; you can sign up to be an astronaut. No doubt there's a lot I've missed, because there's just so much happening!

By the way, the Book Signing Show at Chapters went very well. I met lots of friends, and the pack of boys seemed to enjoy it all, including the Win-A-Book quiz (well done Noah!) and the Choose-Your-Adventure story.
Wanna-be-Chris-Hadfield: Singing a snippet from 'A Space Oddity'

So here's my list, which I will update from time to time on the page listed in the margin on this site. Let me know in the Comments if you find more good ones.

Some Internet Links Relating To The Exploration and Settlement of Outer Space

Planet-Hunting Online:

Developers of spacecraft:
Reaction Engines - developers of Skylon
SpaceX - a successful private space company
100 Year Starship - developing a starship in the next 100 years
Studies for propellant depot in Low Earth Orbit
Private Danish team developing manned space program in garage
Another homemade space program

A number of organisations and companies interested in lunar expeditions:
Golden Spike
Moon Express
Shackleton Energy Company
A paper by Boeing

Space Tourism ventures:

Asteroid Mining ventures:
Deep Space Industries

Colonisation of Mars and elsewhere:
The Mars Society
The Space Settlement Initiative
Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station

Space Law and miscellaneous
Text of the U.N. Outer Space Treaty (1951)
Property rights in space - article
Proposal for a U.S. Space Guard
American citizen makes claim on asteroid - article
International Institute of Space Law - statement

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