Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Feature: Valin's Log

Now that The Calling is an ebook and almost a print book, I have a few moments to throw in some more content. 

Imagine if you could look over the shoulder of the main character of the story, and follow him or her off the page and into their everyday life. What might you discover? What if you could borrow Valin Derojan's private journal and find out more about the world he grew up in?

That's the aim of Valin's Log. I will add to it gradually, as I have time, and your comments are welcome. Does it add colour? Is it too dry? Do you have ideas of what you'd like to see there? As a guide, I'm writing it as if Valin's still living with his family, a few chapters into the book, before the Winter Market incident changed everything. Then, when I get round to writing Book Two, Valin will find the time to add to his journal all the new things he's learning on his adventures.

Click the Valin's Log button to the left of this post, near the top of the page, and see where it takes you! Remember, it's a work in progress.

PS... You can find the button for Valin's Log on the left, above, but here's the link again: http://valinslog.blogspot.ca/

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