Friday, 23 March 2012

'The Calling' is born!

Valin Derojan, a young nomad, must steal an orbital interceptor and take on a whole cruiser full of merciless space raiders. He's trying to rescue the man who saved him from certain death, and regain his lost honour. Along the way he must face his fears, control his runaway thoughts and forgive his domineering older brother.

His headstrong younger cousin is seeking revenge for the murder of her father and stows away. Now he must protect her too! But wait a moment, now who's saving whom? 

In the process of the rescue, they are enlisted by an elusive band of freedom fighters and catapulted towards a galaxy-wide struggle between good and evil.

The Calling is a gripping 26-chapter novel for children around the age range 8 to 12. It's a complete story in itself, but is also intended to be the first in a series of stories, each of which ramps up the scope and the stakes of the conflict. 

The Calling focuses on the need to control one's thoughts, face fears and weaknesses, and to brave the challenges of growing up.

I've just finished writing it, so now comes the challenge of finding a publisher. Writing a three-page synopsis of the whole thing was quite a task, requiring me to be a 'genius of compression'. Watch this blog for details of how to get hold of the published book.

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